About Rumble Motors

When the past meets the future, it's called Rumble Motors.
Rumble Motors is a Swedish-American electric vehicle company that designs and manufactures electric bikes.
The idea behind Rumble's electric bikes (e-bikes) is to bring the past and the future together. Our vision is to develop sustainable, affordable and enjoyable vehicles that everyone can afford.  
What makes us different?
At Rumble Motors, solving problems customers didn't know they had is a key focus. A prime example was adding digital engine noises that can be turned on and off with a single button. This feature, unique to Rumble's bikes, not only increases safety but exemplifies a commitment to "Make Green Fun", demonstrating alternatives that gas-guzzling transport can be both affordable and enjoyable.
Every design choice Rumble makes is backed by market research. The added engine sounds came about from specific market research and years of listening to customers. E-bike enthusiasts had specifically stated that they missed their engine sounds, and Rumble answered. 
We present a new cutting edge design and technology - our namesake electric scooter "Rumble", which has been released in multiple editions. The design and shape is inspired by classic Cafe Racer bikes, which perfectly melds the past and future into a powerful, interesting and beautiful package. 
After the successful release of the Rumble, we've developed numerous other e-bikes with various designs. All of our vehicles can be found here. 
There will be some great announcements in the near future for the Rumble Motors company. Follow us on our social media channels to get the latest news on our upcoming products.

The founders of Rumble Motors
The picture is from 1977; three brothers sharing same passion for cafe racer bikes.