Rumble Air

Rumble Air

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The Rumble Air is your solution to urban commuting with an extra boost of speed and excitement! The Rumble Air has a sleek stylish look inspired by classic Cafe Racer bikes, paired with technology that gives you a sustainable, affordable, and enjoyable ride.


✅ Top Speed: 30 MPH

✅ Range: 38 Miles

✅ Instant Conversation Starter

Technical Specifications:

  • - Motor 1000W
  • - Aluminum Frame & Forks
  • - Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery - 48V 14.5AH / Dual Battery Optional
  • - Throttle Range: Single Battery 38 miles - Dual Battery 75 miles
  • - Single Battery Pedal Assistance Range - 50 miles/ 80 km
  • - Dual Battery with Pedal Assistance Range - 90 miles / 145 km
  • - Built-In Wireless Phone Charger
  • - Hand built - to ensure high quality
  • - Removable Battery
  • - 7 Gear Standard Bicycle Operation
  • - Bike weight: 66 lbs / 30 kg
  • - Wheel size: 20" / 3" (inches)
  • - Brakes: Tektro Brake System

Imagine Riding The Future, Today.


Our state of the art electric motor means you can say goodbye to gas guzzling bikes with a confusing clutch without having to sacrifice power or looks.

Long Lasting Battery

With a 48V Samsung Lithium-Ion battery, you can get 38 miles from a full charge, and with 2 Batteries you can get up to 72 miles! Using the pedals can get you an extra 12-18 miles from your battery also.

Swift Speed

The motor on the Rumble Air is smooth and efficient, maxing out at 30 MPH you can get to where you need to be all while enjoying the ride.

"The bike is absolutely phenomenal, not only is the craftsmanship on it clearly noticed but the way it rides is just so smooth. I probably get asked what it is 3-4 times a day when riding it, and I always reply "The Future!" Since I moved to the city, investing in the Rumble Air as my way of getting around town has been my best decision yet."

Nicholas V.

10 Jul 2020

"I first discovered Rumble one day when me and my boyfriend were grabbing coffee, I'd never seen something like it, so I had to ask what it was. The owner told us all about how it's basically an Eco-Friendly Cafe Racer, I saw my boyfriend's eyes light up the second he heard that. The next day we both bought one for riding around town and on the trails for the weekend. I'm not huge on impulse purchases, but this one was 100% worth it."

Victoria C.

1 Jun 2020

"All I can say is WOW. I previously had owned an electric scooter, but that comes nowhere close to the experience that the Rumble Air provides. I live in the middle of the city and my commute to work is about 20ish minutes, and It's actually the favorite part of my day because of my Rumble Air. My favorite purchase of 2020 by far!

Jeremy B.

28 May 2020

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