#1 Where can I ride an electric scooter?

Treat an electric scooter just the same as a normal bike. You can ride an electric scooter anywhere you can ride your regular bike, there is of course different rules depending on the state or country, these are general rules.

#2 Do I need a license to ride an electric scooter on the road?

You will only need a license if you exceed the specified specification of EU law. All electric scooters can be used anywhere without the need for a license.

#3 How long does it take to recharge the battery?

Rumble Motors electric scooter use lithium ion battery packs. These packs recharge very quickly compared to others on the market. It takes about 3-5 hours to recharge 100% from flat. Interestingly the battery will actually charge approx. 80% in about 1.5 hours, but the last 20% is set on a slower charge rate.

#4 How should I look after my battery?

Generally speaking as long as you don't leave your battery completely empty long periods of time and you charge the battery up after each ride, this is all you need to do.

#5 Should I completely drain the battery before charging?

On some cheaper bikes with different style cells, this is necessary. However Rumble batteries feature high tech batteries, so this is not required. It is in fact, best to always charge up your batteries, even if you have only travelled 10 miles, just charge it up. 

#6 Why should I ride electric bikes?

Electric bikes are many things to many people, some use them as a vital tool for commuting, saving fuel, cutting transport costs and time. Whilst some people enjoy recreational rides, where you can go out traveling all day without the aggravation of steep hills. On the other extreme we have hardcore mountain bikers using an electric bike to beat up lifts. Of course whatever you ride up you get to hurtle back down. Generally you can get a lot more use in a day and cover more ground on an electric scooter. Remember with an eBike you get to do everything you are doing already but - Longer, harder & faster.

#7 Does it matter if the electronics get wet?

Generally speaking the electronic items on all of our electric bikes are sealed units, from the motor to battery to head unit, where occasionally there are deep puddles. Your eBike is expected to be able to handle this without any issues. If possible, try not to completely submerge your eBike.

#8 Will the electric bike arrive assembled?

Your bike will arrive 95% assembled (with any accessories you have added to the order, fitted to the eBike) and will be delivered in one of our specially designed boxes. Someone needs to be available to sign for the parcel. The box is rather large, our courier will help you carry it in, but they may not enter the property and carry up stairs for example. To fit the eBikes into our special boxes we have to turn the handlebars 90 degrees, this are simple to re-fit once you have unpacked your bike. 

#9 How often should I have my electric bike serviced?

Remember all of the components are regular scooter components, so you can pick up spares e.g inner tubes, tyres brake pads etc from any good bike shop.

#10 How much does it cost to charge the battery?

In general it will cost $0.03 to $0.10 to charge an electric bike battery pack. This will depend on what your local electricity supplier charges.

#11 What is an Electric Bicycle or e-Bike?

This is a bike that can be powered by electrical power, the electrical power is provided by an electric motor. The motor gets its electricity from a rechargeable battery. The battery is charged through a 240V mains or a 12V charger.

#12 What are the advantages of electric scooter?

For the 99% of the population, electric scooter have many advantages: they make hills flat and flats like downhills, they get you there quicker, you can wear whatever you want and not sweat, you can carry more on an e-bike, you can ride further and faster, you'll have more control and confidence on the road, you'll use an e-bike more often, you'll have a big smile on your face... It's just a great, convenient, sustainable transport solution.

#13 When do I get my Rumble bike?

We have a 2 days handling time after we received the payment, the shipping time is 3-4 weeks, depending on your location.

#14 Warranty and return

We offer 1 year of warranty on all of our products.

We accept returns, only if the product is in a new condition and arrives back in the same steel frame that the bike came in.

If you cancel your order before we have delivered then we will deduct our shipping cost from your funds.

#15 What's included in Free shipping?

We offer worldwide free shipping, that is from one of our warehouses to your port.

You can pick up your bike from the port or we can offer trucking delivery but that has to be paid by the customer to the trucking company, the cost is approx. $150 - $250

All the import duties and custom clearance will be paid by the customer and not Rumble Motors Inc.