Rumble Air SS
Rumble Air SS
Rumble Air SS
Rumble Air SS
Rumble Air SS


Rumble Air SS

Escape life’s’ troubles with your ultimate solution to urban commuting. 

Choose to pedal into your future. Set your Air SS throttle to the max for the thrill you deserve after working hard.

With your Rumble Air Super Sport, everyday is filled with Speed and Excitement.

Imagine the freedom you’ll feel riding on leading edge of e-bike technology handcrafted just for you enjoyment.

Turn heads and travel everywhere you desire at love the way it feels with and the extra boost of speed you need.

Act Now. Secure your limited production Rumble Air SS and unlock your potential, Today!

Be among the first Thirty orders and receive your expedited Rumble Air Super Sport in September.

This is a limited exclusive pre-order, estimated delivery is scheduled for September/October.

The first production will be 60 units total.

First 30 pre-orders will get their Air SS delivered in September and the second 30 pre-orders will be delivered in October. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Motor peak power 10kw
  • Aluminum Frame & Forks
  • Lithium-Ion Battery - 72V 50AH
  • Top Speed: 65 mph / 105 kph 
  • Range: 100 miles / 160 km
  • Built-In Wireless Phone Charger
  • Hand built - to ensure high quality
  • Removable Battery
  • Bicycle operation optional
  • Bike weight with battery: 130 lbs / 60 kg
  • Wheel size: 18" / 3.5" (inches) motor tires
  • Brakes:  hydraulic brake System
  • Dual rear suspensions 
  • Regenerative brake system