We just open our new location in Sacramento California and hired two great customer service staff to our Team in the US

We been working to open a new location in Sacramento CA, and now we are here.
We also added two new team members, we want to say welcome to Lisa Johansson and Tomas Axelsson, both moved from Sweden to the US to make the Rumble team even stronger.

We are working on our customer service, right now we have a email service but we are going to start a live chat on Q1 2018.

Lisa & Tomas will be the main staff for that and they know their bikes almost better then the founders.

So once again welcome Lisa & Tomas to the Rumble Team USA.

Best regards
The Rumble Team


  • Charles Woods

    Lisa and another person (may have been Tomas) were exceptional 👏. They both were very patient with me and answered all of my questions promptly. Also, special shout out to Lisa for going above and beyond; even answering my goofy questions lol. Thanks again.

  • will

    what is the address in sacramento, california branch dealer, you have showroom bikes there?

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