We are working on a new and improved battery for the Rumble e-Bike

The drive to create the "perfect" electric bike is not only about the looks and quality of the components.

It is also the range of the electric bike, what I mean with that is, you can always create a unique concept but the eternal question will always the range of the electric bike.

As many of you already know, we make our own battery with lithium ion, we have always used a 60v battery on the Rumble e-Bike but we are going to make a 72v battery, this will make the range from 80km to 100km per fully charged battery.

Okay so this maybe sounds great, but let me tell you that this is really GREAT because we will be the best electric bike on the market that can provide 100km range with a 1500w motor.

We will keep you updated on this upgrade for our previous Rumble owners we say don't worry we will update your Rumble bikes as well.

Best regards
Alex K


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  • Robert N

    Cant wait to buy my own new Rumble, looking forward to experimenting with some style mods. Lower and wider saddle seat for comfort, Peg and control arm moved forward for a more fat boy like feel (whatever the lower lever may be… Brake control?). Also I would love to know what the format of your motor sound is and if it can be reprogramed so that I could make a custom sound for the bike. Folks might like custom sounds, could have fun doing…wolf howl…Hale…3 stooges, or just a diff sounding bike or tune.

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