The Mighty APEX

The Mighty APEX

The tremendous and Mighty APEX was a thrill to design. We wanted to make a high-end electric bike with dual motors and a dual battery setup for an affordable price.

Since we launched it two weeks ago, we have sold out the first pre-order of 75 units.

Because of the high demand for the APEX, the management team decided to add 75 more units of the Mighty APEX to fulfill the need.

We think the APEX will be a game changer for our micro-mobility market.

You will be able to enjoy the power of the APEX to commute and go on trails, the performance of the APEX is unmatched compared to the other brands, and we are grateful for every pre-order of the APEX. We can't wait to see them on the streets in a few months.


  • Rai

    Dude… this is what i’ve been waiting for!!!

  • Robert

    I’m interested very much. Send me all the details about the Apex and the pre order

  • kurt

    I need 2. Hit me up

  • Piotr

    One for me please !! :-)

  • David

    I’m interested in pre-order

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