The Mighty APEX

The Mighty APEX

The tremendous and Mighty APEX was a thrill to design. We wanted to make a high-end electric bike with dual motors and a dual battery setup for an affordable price.

Since we launched it two weeks ago, we have sold out the first pre-order of 75 units.

Because of the high demand for the APEX, the management team decided to add 75 more units of the Mighty APEX to fulfill the need.

We think the APEX will be a game changer for our micro-mobility market.

You will be able to enjoy the power of the APEX to commute and go on trails, the performance of the APEX is unmatched compared to the other brands, and we are grateful for every pre-order of the APEX. We can't wait to see them on the streets in a few months.


  • Romeo

    I’m so disappointed in this company now. My friend just received his bike. And it’s slow. S73 beat this bike no problem. This bike feels like it has a 250 watt motor inside of it. This is very disappointing. I was expecting more. I feel like this was a bait and switch. I gave $3,400. Because I got the extra battery. The bike they had in the showroom was flying. This is a totally different bike. This is not what they were advertising. 40 miles an hour my butt. This thing barely gets over 32 miles an hour. And on reality that’s probably 29mph or 28mph.. this is totally unfair and not right. There’s so many bikes out there I could have choose from and I chose this one. Just to be lied to..:-(

  • Julius

    I can’t find anything on this motor call truck by bafang.. this motor is supposed to be made by bafang. But I can’t find anything. All I found was stuff on truck run Motors was the cheaper alternative to the original Bafang. Also why not just use Samsung cells instead of these horrible LG cells?. And add an alarm to the bike.. which they want me to pay extra $50 for because they never had time to do it. Lol! I really am looking forward to getting this bike. But I’m not looking to be in the guinea pig for a company that’s releasing a new bike.. they could have took the time to get it right from the beginning. First time buyers are always the guinea pigs for all these companies. I’m tired of it now. I’m thinking of canceling my order. I have 22 electric bikes I’m addicted I GUESS. And I like the look of this bike more than my NOT SO Super 73 & my ARIEL Rider grizzly. My brother has an onyx . It’s a fast bike. But I’m not a fan of the look.. hope I didn’t get scammed out of 3,400 bucks.. RJ seems really cool so I got my fingers crossed

  • Xavier

    This is amazing. Please check intsagram dms.

  • Ben

    Stoked about the APEX! I am gonna sell my Super73 RX and upgrade to the APEX. Impressive stats and incredible reasonable price. Best deal out there. Well done!

  • Dean Wong

    I’m very interested in pre-ordering the Apex. I visited the Rumble Motors in Sacramento lasr week and wanted to see the Apex in person but unfortunately they were closed during their business hours. Please send me details and the pre-order :-)

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