Rumble Motors BLIXT Graphene Battery

Rumble Motors BLIXT Graphene Battery

We have exciting news to share with our community. Rumble Motors' management team initiated research and development for a new battery technology, named BLIXT, meaning "Lightning" in Swedish, over 18 months ago. Today, we are thrilled to announce that we have a fully operational prototype, and manufacturing of BLIXT batteries for our electric bikes will commence shortly.

With BLIXT batteries, you will be able to charge your bike from 0 to 100% in just 20 minutes. Furthermore, BLIXT batteries have a charge cycle of 20,000, which is twenty times more than a lithium-ion battery, and they do not pose a fire hazard or explosion risk.

BLIXT batteries will be available in both cylindrical and pouch shapes.

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  • Marco Straub

    Hello team Rumble,

    Great news!!

    When do you think you have the first bike on the market with the new BLIXT batteries on the market?


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